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Cardinal Counseling Services, PLLC, is a mental health counseling clinic providing therapy services with a special focus on integrating client feedback in the areas of depression, anxiety, grief, trauma recovery and relationship issues.

Meet Our Team

Cardinal clinicians are highly educated, trained in evidence-based practices by industry experts, and committed to integrating client feedback in every session to make sure we stay on track towards your goals. We offer outpatient psychotherapy and medication management services.

Amber Davidson, Counselor

Well, hello there! Helping others comes very naturally to me. It is an honor to travel alongside others during their time of need. I value being open to different perspectives and it comes naturally to make a connection with everyone I meet. I take a holistic approach to change and healing with all my clients. I also have a personal calling towards supporting and assisting individuals who are nearing their end of life.

Tara V. DeJohn, Counselor

Hello! In over three decades of being a social worker, I have become great at providing a gentle, judgment-free listening space to travel with clients as they work through “the big stuff.” Anxiety, grief, trauma recovery. Chronic illness and end of life issues. Navigating medical and legal systems so that we can all be empowered. I also have empathy and a huge soft spot in my heart for those navigating intersectional identities.

James Evans-Hammond, Counselor

Hello! I work with all adults who are seeking change or just a lighter stress load to be able to achieve their version of the “good life.” I provide accepting and affirming counsel to my clients. I believe that all of us have the ability to make our lives better, but sometimes we need to be able to talk with someone who will listen and encourage without judgment. I have a diverse background and I have worked with people from all walks-of-life. We are all on our own unique journey and that we have our own unique needs when it comes to receiving therapy. You, as my client, will receive your own individual plan to achieve your desired outcomes.

Brooke Gomez Fixler, Counselor

Hello! I specialize in helping adults and teens who are coping with trauma/PTSD, depression, anxiety, self-injury, postpartum mood disorders, relationship issues, identity exploration, and navigating the transition into adulthood. I provide individual therapy and is trained in Person-Centered Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. While equipped with a variety of techniques, I tailor my approach to fit the unique needs of each person she works with.

Jennifer Hammond, Counselor

Problems of living can come in many shapes and forms. I want to start by offering encouragement in taking the first step to begin your own personal healing journey. As with many things in life, getting started is often the hardest part, but it is worth it and so are you! I work with adults struggling with anxiety, depression, and the effects of trauma.

Farida Hamza, Counselor

Hello! I joined Cardinal as a graduate intern completing my master’s degree at UCA. If you need therapy, but you know you can’t afford someone’s full rate, meeting with an intern may be a good choice. I have already accrued experience working with college students and adults on anxiety, depression and social issues. I am also supervised by the other wonderful Cardinal counselors!

Laurent Lefevre, Counselor

Hi! I specialize in treating trauma, depression, and anxiety across the lifespan, and is experienced providing individual and family therapy for clients aged 4 and up. As a bilingual Belgian-American citizen, I am sensitive to cross-cultural experiences and values the inclusion all aspects of diversity.

Nancy Mitchell, APRN

Hello! After a long career as a teacher and nurse, I completed my nursing education to become a psychiatric nurse practitioner. It has been exciting to add medication management services to the supportive psychotherapy I’ve been doing all along. I view myself as a partner and collaborator on your quest for wholeness, and I believe all people deserve skilled care regardless of who they are.

Zarnez Montgomery, Counselor

Hi! I specialize in treating trauma, depression, and anxiety in adults. I have experience with treating adults ages 18 and up, families, and couples. I value taking an holistic approach when treating clients because I believe to help my clients you can’t look at one aspect of a person – you must look at them as a whole. I make sure to provide a sex-positive, judgment-free, and peaceful space for my clients.

Rachel Pinto, Owner

As the owner and leader of Cardinal Counseling, I keep us focused on our central values: to journey with people in the change they seek, and to keep their voice central to all we do. We are honored that this focus enables us to empower those who have been hurt and overlooked in our society. We are here for you.

Kirsten Sowell, Counselor

Hey! I work with kids, teens, and adults in individual and family therapy. I am a natural-born helper who sees the good in everyone I meet, and I can offer perceptive yet gentle partnership as you heal and adjust course. I also really love rainbows. No, like. Really, really. They’re all over my office.

Susan Warren, Counselor

Hi! I work with people of all ages who can feel overwhelmed by things that other people seem to handle easily. I believe that we need to take a holistic view of your struggles, looking at personal responsibility as well as the ways the systems in your life have marred your true self. Let’s partner for change, power and healing!

Carlen West, Counselor

Hello! If you need individual therapy and you believe a therapist with keen insight and creative problem solving could help, we could be a very good fit. I am a trained ADHD professional and love my neurodivergent and “neuro-spicy” clients. I feel most effective working with clients of marginalized communities. I have personal and professional experience with navigating systems, communities, and relationships with people who don’t understand the neurodivergent experience, and I want to help you do this as well.

Where Are You Going?

Where are you going, and how can we get you there on purpose? Is it the direction you really want to take, or is that unsettled feeling in your gut saying it was chosen by someone other than you? It is your life, and you are the one who has to live it…so you get to decide what you want. From our own journeys, Cardinal counselors know that this process isn’t always easy or comfortable. But it’s always worth it.

The LGBTQ+ Community…

Modern society is built on efficiency and same-ness, and as such, has been hurtful towards members of the LGBTQ+ community. At Cardinal, we offer a safe and accepting space among your own, where you can heal and learn to love your unique self.

POC Communities…

Healing is built on truth. One painful truth of US history is that people of color were and continue to be exploited and mistreated. If you seek a fellow traveler at Cardinal, you will be met by someone who is committed to making a contribution towards the societal change that is long overdue.

Kids and Teens…

Every adult remembers what it was like to be a kid. But the only people who know what it’s like to be a kid today are, well, kids today! Cardinal counselors who work with kids and teens embrace this truth and will collaborate with clients and families to bring healing and helpful change.


…Or ‘womyn,’ or ‘womxn.’ Language changes in response to culture, and the fact that we weren’t sure which spelling to use here reminds us that the role and identity of women is changing so much right now. Nevertheless, all women – including transwomen – are accepted by a gentle and powerful cohort at Cardinal.

Couples and Families…

Roles and rules are always changing for families, and you need a guide who can help you find what is right for you – and not just a template of something that works for others. We are trained on how healthy relationships function, and we use this training within the context of your unique values and priorities.

Therapy works.

At Cardinal, we know therapy works, because everything we do is backed by research and feedback. Here are the top three contributors to success in therapy, and how we approach each one.



The number one contributor to client success in talk therapy is the therapeutic alliance, or how well the client and clinician engage with each other. It is important that you, the client, feel like your counselor understands you, feels positive towards you, and resonates with your life experiences. Cardinal counselors are some of the best in the business at forging therapeutic alliance, and we gather feedback in deliberate and focused ways to ensure we are successful with as many clients as possible.



The second best contributor to client success in talk therapy is the clinician’s belief in their therapeutic model. We definitely have that covered here at Cardinal Counseling! We have sought training in models that are backed by the most rigorous and up-to-date research methods, and we are so excited to help in these very effective ways.



The third highest contributor to client success in talk therapy is the agreement on the structure and focus of therapy. Cardinal counselors are trained in simple and research-backed methods for ensuring that you (and your loved ones, if they are in counseling with you) and your counselor can find and agree upon the true focus of therapy.

Our Services

Cardinal counselors are trained in a variety of therapy approaches that are validated by clinical research, ongoing professional development, and tailored to the individual client’s needs. You are in charge of your journey and your Cardinal counselor will seek to collaborate with you on what therapeutic methods and theories are most supportive of your journey.


CBT is one of the most widely used and effective types of therapy in which the clinician helps the client identify and change distorted thoughts, increase emotional stability, and find more helpful ways to cope with stress.


A contemporary form of CBT, ACT teaches us how to discover and honor our personal values through mindful awareness of our own thoughts and feelings, the flexibility to hold our experiences lightly, and committed action toward what matters most.


DBT is similar to CBT but adds a special focus on relationship skills and the practice of mindfulness. Developed originally for the treatment of borderline personality disorder, DBT has been shown to be helpful with many mental health issues.


EMDR helps to alleviate the problems associated with traumatic memories. EMDR has helped countless people with PTSD or related symptoms find relief and an ability to find their “new normal.”


EFT is a cutting-edge and research-based form of couple therapy. Cardinal counselors use EFT to “roll up their sleeves” and help couples and families actually experience new ways to relate to each other in session.


Ego State Therapy is based on the theory that one’s personality can be viewed, experienced and interacted with in parts rather than just as a whole. It works to locate and interact with the parts of the person that can most effectively enact and benefit from change.


PCOMS is a part of every single session at Cardinal Counseling. We use the above therapy approaches and others as our understanding guides us. However, the most important information about therapy comes from the client. Cardinal counselors understand how people work, but no one understands how you work better than you!

What people are saying

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would make it past two days in therapy. I’ve tried a few times in the past and have failed at committing. I came to a point in my life where I was stuck, lost, not knowing where to turn. I thought I would open my mind and give it another go. I am so glad that I did. 

– Google review

“Rachel helped me change my life. She’s thoughtful, pragmatic, always up to date on the newest research, and knows how to help you make life-changing connections.”

– Google review

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The most rewarding part of my job is when a client or colleague finally believes the awesome thing about themselves. When they can say, “It wasn’t my fault,” or “I have other choices now,” or “I am enough,” then I know their life is really about to change. – Rachel Pinto