Amber Davidson, LCSW (she/her) is an outpatient psychotherapist at Cardinal Counseling. Amber obtained her Master’s in Social Work from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock in 2016. She is a Licensed Certified Social Worker (7942-C) in her native state of Arkansas. Amber has experience in a variety of settings including school-based therapeutic services, therapeutic residential programs for youth, and a pediatric hospital. She has spent the last several years specializing in supporting children and families affected by pediatric cancer. She received the Make-A-Wish Shining Star Award in 2022 for referring the most children in the southern region.

Amber’s approach

Amber’s therapeutic approach includes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). She believes in the importance of implementing various approaches so that she can provide flexibility and openness to tailoring her approach to meet the unique needs of each client. Amber prioritizes using a personalized approach so that she can provide a collaborative environment between therapist and client.

Amber believes that everyone deserves to feel understood and supported. She uses an open-minded perspective with any interaction so that she can provide a comfortable and supportive space for others with varying backgrounds. She values being authentic, kind, and encouraging.

Amber feels most effective when working with individuals aged 8 years and up. She feels most passionate when walking alongside individuals nearing their end of life and she aspires to become a Certified Death Doula.

Amber focuses on gaining an understanding of others’ experiences, challenges, and values so that she can prioritize the importance of empathy and connection in the therapeutic process. She uses active listening skills and empathizing with her clients. Amber will provide a safe space by using active listening skills, non-judgmental language, empathy, and an inquisitive mind. Amber values authenticity and believes by striving to be her most authentic self, she sets a positive example for her clients and creates a safe and supportive environment for them to explore their own identities and values. By fostering self-acceptance and self-expression, Amber encourages her clients to embrace their true selves and pursue personal growth and fulfillment.

Outside of her profession, Amber spends her time with her husband, 2 dogs (Roscoe and Tula) and 2 cats (Harley and Honey). She enjoys being outside camping, swimming, canoeing, playing disc golf, and gardening. Amber enjoys reading, crafting, and is a Stevie Nicks enthusiast.

Amber specializes in walking alongside individuals experiencing trauma and understands the importance of supporting others during their most challenging life experiences. Her passion for holding space for those facing trauma and grief allows her to have a deep empathy and understanding of the complexities involved in such situations. Amber’s experience in being present with individuals facing death or the loss of a loved one has given her the ability to provide support during times of profound loss and transition. Such experiences can be incredibly difficult to navigate alone, and having a safe space to process such challenging times is invaluable.