Carlen West (she/her, they/them), LCSW is an outpatient psychotherapist at Cardinal Counseling. Carlen obtained a Bachelor’s in Social Work from Southern Arkansas University in Magnolia in 2007, and a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock in 2008, with a special focus on Social & Organizational Impact. She is a Licensed Certified Social Worker (3256-C) in her native state of Arkansas.


Carlen’s Values

Carlen believes spirituality is a core part of being human, and religion is how some choose to experience spirituality. Some people may feel restricted or shamed by their religion, and that can have many lasting effects on their spirit, mind, and body. Her overall goal as a psychotherapist is to foster meaningful conversations that contribute to you living your most authentic life by keeping the things that are meaningful to you, and letting go of what no longer serves your highest good.

Carlen’s diverse career of medical social work was an inspiration to be a psychotherapist for those with disabilities and chronic health issues. Furthermore, she has personal and professional experience with Autism, ADHD, and being a queer person from the South. Understanding how the societal “norms” contribute to struggles with mental and physical health, career, and relationships can empower you to see where changes would be most effective. Carlen values providing sacred space for clients to express and explore their authenticity.

Carlen uses an eclectic approach with use of TF-CBT, ACT, MI, DBT, and Mindfulness. She has completed the Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional training, Certified ADHD Professional training, and has a professional goal of becoming an EMDR practitioner.

Outside of work, Carlen enjoys being in nature when it’s being kind in return, riding with her partner on his motorcycle, hanging out with his awesome kid, studying with her spiritual community, and advocating for social justice in various ways. Her special interests currently include neuroscience, astrophysics, spiritual and religious culture history, and post-apocalyptic series and movies.