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If you are a clinician committed to the deliberate practice of psychotherapy, Cardinal Counseling would love to talk with you about joining us. We do not want clinicians who have “arrived,” and we don’t want clinicians who don’t believe in their clients. We offer a fun and supportive work environment as well as competitive reimbursement and benefits.

If this sounds like the right work environment for you, please fill out the form below and email your resume to

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Our Cardinal Values


Connect with self. Connect with others. Connect the past to the present to the future. Connect the thoughts to the emotions to the body to the soul. Connect the pieces. Connect to the narrative – intrapersonal, interpersonal, familial, cultural, worldwide. Own your role, and change it if it’s not working. Look for what can be found; wait for what must be revealed. Connect with yourself.

Advance justice

Justice has many ingredients: humility, reason, collaboration, and action just to name a few. Personal and corporate acts that manifest justice are not always easy, but they are extremely valuable.

Roots first, branches second

We cultivate depth before we cultivate breadth – in ourselves, our community and our company. We will grow taller and broader, but we will never grow beyond what our roots can support.

Do the right thing

Fourth on the list; first in our hearts. Call upon the wisdom of the collective humanity to act in a moral and ethical fashion. Good intentions are helpful, and a well-advised and deliberate plan is even better. A person faces no dilemma that has not been faced before in history. One must only find the path.

Share the good

Don’t let a day go by that you don’t share something good with another human – a client, a coworker, a community member. This could be a small gift, an encouraging word, an act of service, or a listening ear. In this simple way, we will multiply the power of goodness and healing in the world around us.

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