Kirsten Sowell (she/her), LCSW is an outpatient psychotherapist at Cardinal Counseling. Kirsten obtained her Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville in 2008, with special foci on mental health and LGBTQ studies. During her time in graduate school, Kirsten began presenting on LGBTQ issues, became involved in the local Pride organizations, and started gathering and sharing LGBTQ resources. She is a Licensed Certified Social Worker (5737-C) in her native state of Arkansas.

Kirsten’s values

Kirsten believes that therapy is a collaborative process between therapist and patient. She has positive regard for people in all walks of life and respects each person’s racial, cultural, spiritual, physical, age, social economic status, educational, gender and sexual orientation differences.

Kirsten has 14 post graduate years of being a mental health professional and has worked in school-based settings, outpatient settings, grief support groups, medical clinics, and hospitals. Over this time, she had opportunity to hone her skills in walking with clients through everyday life challenges and during their most tragic moments. Kirsten likes to use Solution Focused Therapy, CBT and ACT. She also sees how much trauma can impact our mental and physical health and is currently working on her TF-CBT training. Kirsten works with people who want to learn how to cope more effectively with stress, sadness, grief and loss, and anxiety. Kirsten loves to travel alongside LGBTQ folks as they find ways to reach their hopes and dreams for the future.

Being a helper came naturally to her early on. She works hard on her personal growth and it brings her so much joy to help others on their personal journeys.

Kirsten feels most effective working with people ages 9 and up. She especially enjoys helping teenagers and their families, and she also enjoys working with adults. Kirsten has been instrumental in developing and growing two pediatric gender clinics in Arkansas over the past 4 years to provide comprehensive care to transgender and non-binary youth and their families in our state. She has spoken in front of the Arkansas House of Legislators and Senators to advocate against discriminatory bills. She has provided education to mental health professionals, medical professionals, educators, and law makers on the importance of gender affirming care. She is also connected to her LGBTQ community and local and national organizations.

When Kirsten is winding down, she enjoys spending time with her family, her friends, and her golden retriever, Cinder. Kirsten enjoys being in nature – kayaking, hiking, or swimming. She also loves karaoke, drag queens, all things Sci-Fi and nerdy, and participating in Pride events.