Our Impact


Therapy works.

At Cardinal, we know therapy works, because everything we do is backed by research and feedback. Here are the top three contributors to success in therapy, and how we approach each one.



we believe in you

The number one contributor to client success in talk therapy is the therapeutic alliance, or how well the client and clinician engage with each other. It is important that you, the client, feel like your counselor understands you, feels positive towards you, and resonates with your life experiences. Cardinal counselors are some of the best in the business at forging therapeutic alliance, and we gather feedback in deliberate and focused ways to ensure we are successful with as many clients as possible.



We believe in our practices

The second best contributor to client success in talk therapy is the clinician’s belief in their therapeutic model. We definitely have that covered here at Cardinal Counseling! We have sought training in models that are backed by the most rigorous and up-to-date research methods, and we are so excited to help in these very effective ways.



we believe in working together

The third highest contributor to client success in talk therapy is the agreement on the structure and focus of therapy. Cardinal counselors are trained in simple and research-backed methods for ensuring that you (and your loved ones, if they are in counseling with you) and your counselor can find and agree upon the true focus of therapy.