Summer Pauley

Summer Pauley is a graduate intern receiving her M.S in Mental Health Counseling through the University of Central Arkansas. She received two bachelor’s degrees from Arkansas Tech University before pursuing her goal of being a mental health practitioner.

Summer has experience in working with individuals of many ages, genders, sexualities, and more. She works from a person-centered approach, allowing the client to guide their session in a way that is fulfilling to them. She uses experiential techniques and works on allowing her clients time to sit and “be with” their emotions. Summer is certified to use CPT (Cognitive Processing Therapy).

Summer enjoys seeing her clients flourish and providing them with validation and empathy they may not have received elsewhere. She is welcoming of all. After her own personal struggles with mental health, she knows what that experience can feel like, and Summer hopes to be a safe place for those who are seeking help.

Summer has 4 dogs and loves all animals. In her free time, she enjoys watching new shows with her husband, reading new books, or cooking new recipes.