Do You Need Support
Via Telehealth Counseling?


  • Are you experiencing an increase in depression, anxiety, or relationship conflict?
  • Do social situations make you anxious now, when they rarely did before the pandemic?
  • Are you struggling with hurt, disappointment, or disillusionment in your relationships over incalcitrant disagreements about politics?
  • Do you want to “get back to normal,” but be intentional to hold onto the valuable lessons you learned about yourself over the last two years?
  • Were you thinking about starting therapy anyway, but the demands of life have made it difficult to schedule an in-person appointment?

As we all seek to recover from the long seasons of quarantine and social distancing, life stressors continue and mutate to get in the way of people’s happiness. It’s a new reality we are living in, for sure. It seems everyone is talking about “before the pandemic” and “after the pandemic,” and we are all doing our best to cope.

You may be wondering what first step you should even take, and you wish you had someone to talk to who would offer help instead of judgment.

We Are All Affected, and We All Need Support

When a global event such as a pandemic sweeps across our planet, the effects last for years – and maybe even generations – to come. But it seems society is pushing to get “back to normal,” and many people are trying their hardest to bounce back.

More people than ever in modern history are reporting mental health symptoms, and we should all feel okay that we need extra support right now.

Telehealth Counseling Can Help

With our years of experience in mental health counseling, and our expert training in utilizing telehealth methods, Cardinal Counseling can help you gain traction in caring for your mental health, physical health, finances, and relationships.