Rachel Pinto, LPC-S

How did you pick the name?”

Cardinal Counseling Services, PLLC, opened our doors on December 30, 2019. And so far, the most common question I am asked by friends and clients about the new clinic is, “How did you pick the name?” There’s actually more than one answer to that question.

Of course, red birds are cool. And there’s some neat folklore about them that I adore and that has comforted people in times of grief. But in a professional sense, I knew what my new clinic was going to be about, and I was seeking a name that reminded me of one of my favorite Stephen Covey quotes: “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.” Which brings me to another meaning of the word “cardinal.”

Webster’s Dictionary defines the word cardinal as “of basic importance.” Yes, red birds are cool, yes, I am a St. Louis Cardinals fan, and yes I really want to remember what’s “of basic importance” (or cardinal) at Cardinal Counseling. I want to keep the main thing the main thing.

So, what is the main thing at Cardinal Counseling? It’s really very simple. You, the client, are. Because of that, we seek to integrate client feedback into every therapy session. We do this in clear and intentional ways by using the Partners for Change Outcome Management System (PCOMS) method. Central Arkansas is replete with well-trained therapists, and with those who are passionate and effective with their chosen approaches. That is no less true of us here at Cardinal. Read Rachel’s bio to learn more about her ways of helping individuals and couples with depression, anxiety, and trauma-related symptoms. However, not every therapist uses PCOMS. In fact, Cardinal is pioneering this approach in the state of Arkansas.

Even though every counselor is educated to seek client feedback regularly, research shows us that counselors vary widely in how – and how often – they seek this feedback. But here’s the thing – the only person who is an expert on you is you. You are a unique individual with a unique story and unique needs, and even the most well-intentioned and highly-skilled counselors can miss the mark sometimes. Using PCOMS to gather feedback in this consistent way, and then compare that feedback to the related research, gives us at Cardinal a much better chance of providing counseling that will help you feel better and meet your goals. And if we aren’t helping you feel better, then we can have an open and honest conversation about how to adjust our approach.

In every therapy session, we strive to “keep the main thing the main thing.” Give Cardinal Counseling a chance to help you!

If you’ve read enough, and you want to schedule an appointment, call us at 501-408-3431 or click here. We will be honored to help any way we can.